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The Network | No. 2 - June 2010

The Network | No. 2 - June 2010

The Network | No. 2 - June 2010

A newsletter on science and technology in Africa and Europe, including relevant science policy news, profiles of research institutes and organisations, upcoming events and the latest funding opportunities. [Image credit: CAAST-Net Plus]

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Year of Publication: 2010

In this issue of The Network:

  • Life after the seventh Framework programme
  • Egyptian scientists benefit from close ties to industry
  • Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa get innovative 
  • Organising the explosion of data
  • Joint fund created for French and Egyptian scientists
  • East African scientists develop research skills
  • Agricultural policy fellowships in the offing
  • Nigeria wants scientists to benefit from their discoveries
  • Italy offers doctoral degree in agrobiodiversity
  • Science academies consortia invited to apply for funding
  • Biochemical bursaries
  • South Africa's National Research Foundation grants

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