Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation
Between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

The Network | No. 8 - September 2010

The Network | No. 8 - September 2010

The Network | No. 8 - September 2010

A newsletter on science and technology in Africa and Europe, including relevant science policy news, profiles of research institutes and organisations, upcoming events and the latest funding opportunities. [Image credit: CAAST-Net Plus]

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Year of Publication: 2010

In this issue of The Network:

  • Five reasons why Kenyan academics are invisible
  • Livestock improvement for two regions in Somalia
  • Short-term help for Zimbabwean health education crisis
  • Common patent 'not compatible with EU law', says Court of Justice
  • African Development Forum to focus on climate change
  • Recession to recovery: research in an uncertain economy
  • Royal Society's Science Policy Centre
  • South Africa showcases science at Brussels
  • Joint research projects with Germany
  • Scholarships for energy science, climate change and education planning
  • Distance learning MBA scholarships for sub-Saharan Africans
  • Egypt acts as matchmaker for ministers, researchers and networks

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