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Report on CAAST-Net, MIRA Workshop on Innovation - Egypt

Report on CAAST-Net, MIRA Workshop on Innovation - Egypt

Report on CAAST-Net, MIRA Workshop on Innovation - Egypt

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Year of Publication: 2013

The CAAST-Net, MIRA Workshop on Innovation was jointly convened by the CAAST-Net and MIRA projects. Both projects represent bi-regional partnerships, which encourage scientific and technological cooperation and exchange between Europe and Africa.

This workshop brought together the regional focus of MIRA (the Mediterranean) and CAAST-Net (sub-Saharan Africa) to explore the differences, similarities, and opportunities between these two contexts for mutual learning and benefit.

The workshop aimed to address the following areas for both regions: 

  • the policy context for research and innovation; 
  • the ways in which research outputs can have a meaningful effect on policies; and,
  • the dynamics of how innovation policies can strengthen the uptake of research results.

The workshop also aimed to serve as an opportunity for mutual sharing and networking between the participants, as well as between the CAAST-Net and MIRA projects.

Workshop participants included policy makers, regional and international donor/funding organizations, experts in innovation or financing, and coordinators or partners in projects focussing on Africa.

Particular attention was paid to supporting networking of the participants and project representatives to foster future collaboration.

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