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Report of an Expert Workshop on Non-communicable Diseases

Report of an Expert Workshop on Non-communicable Diseases

Report of an Expert Workshop on Non-communicable Diseases

A two-day health workshop was held at the offices of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in Yaoundé, Cameroon on 4 and 5 November 2009. Its purpose? To identify priority research topics of mutual interest. Nineteen experts in NCDs and public health from Europe and Africa participated in the meeting. The expertise of the participants reflected the focus of the health workshop on diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. [Image credit: CAAST-Net Plus]

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Year of Publication: 2011

This report emerged from a research prioritisation exercise held to identify researchable topics of mutual interest related to non-communicable diseases.

Specific recommendations for research themes at the workshop were consolidated, developed into potential call texts, and distributed for further consultation before submission to the European Commission.

The European research framework programme has a multitude of inputs, and an annual cycle which iterates between external advice and internal programme development.

European member states have a strong influence through the programme committees, although in the health field national research councils give more support to laboratory and biomedical topics than to public-health research (Conceicao et al 2008).

Cooperation between European and African partners is possible under the EU research framework programme across a range of topics of mutual interest and benefit. Research on non-communicable diseases in Africa can contribute both to African development and also to better understanding of the diseases.

The CAAST-Net proposals will be among inputs to inform calls for joint European-African health research in the coming years.

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