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Africa-EU Summit Goes to Ivory Coast

Africa-EU Summit Goes to Ivory Coast

Africa-EU Summit Goes to Ivory Coast

The 5th Africa-EU Summit will be held from 28-29 November 2017, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. [Image credit: Africa-EU Partnership]

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Date: November 28-29, 2017
Location / Venue: Abidjan / TBC
Country: Ivory Coast

In an announcement published on the Research and Innovation Network for Africa and Europe (RINEA) project, “the central theme for the Summit will be 'Youth', which has become a key priority for Europe as well as Africa, in a context of African demographic trends creating major challenges for young people in terms of migration, security and employment.”

The Summit is supported by the Maltese Presidency who notes that it “will present an excellent opportunity to further strengthen [Ivory Coast and Europe’s] partnership to address common challenges and opportunities.”

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