Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation
Between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

ESASTAP 2020 Kicks Off

ESASTAP 2020 Kicks Off

ESASTAP 2020 Kicks Off

ESASTAP 2020 is a collaboration of South African and European partner organisations that together will advance science, technology and innovation cooperation between the EU and South Africa. [Image credit: *Research Africa/CAAST-Net Plus]

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The project was launched on 25 February 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa, and builds on three previous project iterations: ESASTAP, ESASTAP2 and ESASTAP Plus.

South Africa and the EU signed a science and technology agreement in 1996 and, since then, the ESASTAP projects have played a vital role in bringing together scientists and policy-makers.

Similar to the predecessor projects, ESASTAP 2020 has three priority areas:  

  • Encourage STI cooperation in areas of common interest
  • Support the STI policy dialogue between EU and SA
  • Alleviate obstacles to cooperation

ESASTAP 2020 Partners

  • Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece (Coordinator)
  • Department of Science and Technology, South Africa
  • Academy of Science of South Africa, South Africa
  • Agenzia per la Promozione Della Ricerca Europea, Italy
  • Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft - Und Raumfahrt Ev, Germany
  • Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, France
  • National Research Foundation, South Africa
  • Norges Forskningsrad, Norway
  • Technology Innovation Agency, South africa
  • Zentrum Fuer Soziale Innovation gmbh, Austria

Soundbites: ESASTAP 2020 Workshop on Science Policy Advice

To coincide with its launch the ESASTAP 2020 project convened researchers and programme managers in Cape Town to discuss approaches that science projects can employ to influence both policy-making and implementation.

“In order for policies to work, society needs to better understand and be aware of science. In addition, key performance indicators are needed to monitor scientific contribution in policy-making,” said Thandi Mgwebi, who is research director at the University of Western Cape.

Representatives of EU-SA research and innovation projects — GREEN-WIN, TRESCIMO, and EquitAble — shared their lessons.

CAAST-Net Plus Twitter coverage of ESASTAP 2020 science policy advice workshop

Mamohloding Tlhagale, director of strategic partnerships at the SA Department of Science and Technology, highlighted the significance of evidence-based policies in addressing common challenges between South Africa and the EU.

“More ESASTAP 2020 workshops on science policy advice and implementation can be expected in future,” she said.  

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