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EDCTP2 Announces 2016 Funding Calls, Launches Consultation

EDCTP2 Announces 2016 Funding Calls, Launches Consultation

EDCTP2 Announces 2016 Funding Calls, Launches Consultation

The second phase of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP2) has announced the launch of nine new funding calls for 2016 and at the same time is calling for comment on its implementation in the period 2014-2016. [Image credit: EDCTP]

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Apply for EDCTP2 Funding

Research calls worth €138.6 million have been launched by EDCTP2 following the approval of its 2016 work plan, a recent EDCTP announcement says.

Calls cover the following areas:

  • €70 million: Vaccines for poverty-related diseases 
  • €10 million: Research and clinical management of patients in PRD epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa
  • €28 million: Strategic actions supporting large-scale clinical trials
  • €10 million: Clinical trials and operational research studies to optimise the use of products for poverty-related diseases in mothers, newborns, children and/or adolescents
  • €2 million: Ethics and regulatory capacities
  • €3.5 million: EDCTP-WHO/TDR Clinical Research and Development Fellowships
  • €3 million: Senior Fellowships
  • €2.1 million: Career Development Fellowships

Read the full EDCTP2 work plan for 2016

Have Your Say

"The purpose of this consultation is to invite the views and opinions of stakeholders, experts active in the field and the wider public on the implementation of the EDCTP2 Programme during the first three years of operation (2014-2016)," a notice posted on the European Commission's website says.  

Participate now

"These views and opinions will contribute to the interim evaluation of the EDCTP2 programme, carried out by the European Commission with the assistance of independent experts. The objective of the interim evaluation is to assess the implementation of the EDCTP2 programme up to the present moment; to judge how recommendations from previous evaluations have been implemented; and to provide an outlook on what can be expected from EDCTP2 in the future."

Independent external evaluation and public consultation results on the first EDCTP programme

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