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A Step Forward for the Research Fairness Initiative

A Step Forward for the Research Fairness Initiative

A Step Forward for the Research Fairness Initiative

Building on three regional consultative workshops held in Senegal, Nigeria and Kenya earlier this year, the Research Fairness Initiative Conference took place on 28 September in Brussels. [Image credit: Centre for Social Innovation]

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“The purpose of the conference was to present the initiative to the European Union and African Union as a sustainable platform to support collaborations in research and innovation,” said COHRED’s RFI manager, Lauranne Botti, in a follow-up email to all delegates.  

Said Botti: “The RFI has moved from an index to an initiative that encourages institutions to self-report on their policies and practices to promote and validate fair research partnerships as a compliance tool and learning platform.”

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[Image credit: COHRED] CAAST-Net Plus played a key role in supporting the organisation of the event. View all photos

Conference agenda

Go to the event announcement and background documents

Learn more about the regional consultations


The Research Fairness Initiative

Panel I: What is fairness in global health research? Why is it important? How can RFI enhance this?

Panel II: Opportunities and challenges for RFI implementation - potential for RFI to reinforce Africa-Europe research cooperation

Panel III: Increasing intra-EU coordination

Anita Makri, who attended the conference, said the event threw up a number of "practical and existential" challenges and opportunities for the team developing the RFI.

“I came away from a discussion among RFI supporters in Brussels this week with a feeling that its success will hinge on a fine balancing act between ambition and focus,” she wrote in a SciDev.Net blog post (read the full article: Tool targets fairness deficit in research).

Unable to attend the conference, Doris Schröder of the TRUST project, which aims to foster adherence to high ethical standards in research globally, provided the following video presentation as a contribution to the discussion.

COHRED’s next meeting will take place in Cape Town at the South African Medical Research Council from 2-4 November. The goals? To address next steps agreed in Brussels and further unpack the implementation stage of the RFI.

To contact the COHRED RFI manager, write to botti[at]

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