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Egypt to Host Food Security Communication and Knowledge Management Workshop

Egypt to Host Food Security Communication and Knowledge Management Workshop

Egypt to Host Food Security Communication and Knowledge Management Workshop

CAAST-Net Plus is organising a consultation workshop on the Knowledge Management and Communication System (KMCS) Initiative for the Europe-Africa research and innovation partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA). [Image credit: Flickr, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade]

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The workshop titled ‘The Role of Research and Innovation Funders and Portal Managers in an Africa-EU Knowledge Management and Communication System Initiative on FNSSA’ will be held on 22 May 2017, in Cairo, Egypt at the Cairo International Convention Centre.

The workshop is part of a series of consultations with key stakeholders central in the establishment of the Africa-Europe KMCS Initiative. According to the concept note, “one of the recommendations made during the April 2016 CAAST‐Net Plus Stakeholder Forum was the establishment of an appropriate knowledge management system between stakeholders involved in the FNSSA innovation value chain and the development of appropriate communication strategies.” Based on this proposition, CAAST-Net Plus has since engaged with various stakeholders such as researchers, funders, private sector, representatives from farmer associations, portal managers and developers, and policymakers, to gather inputs towards the envisaged KMCS portal. The most recent consultation workshop was held in November 2016, in South Africa, and focused on the role of African and European Union (EU) based science academies in Africa-EU bi-regional policy dialogues with a specific focus on FNSSA-related policy advice.

Stefan A. Haffner of CAAST-Net Plus partner, the Project Management Agency at the German Aerospace Centre, says “the KMCS Initiative strives to identify and merge ongoing activities, gaps and opportunities towards better management of knowledge and communication processes in food and agricultural value chains. It also aims to encourages all actors, from the farmers and consumers, to policymaking level in African and European food systems to become active partners in the KMCS Initiative. With this particular workshop focusing on the role of funders and portal developers, we aim to continue contributing towards a vital, inclusive and supportive network system of partners in science, technology and innovation”.

The workshop is hosted by CAAST-Net Plus partner, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and is organised in conjunction with the 2017 Food Africa Expo, and the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (4PRIMA) stakeholder forum.

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CAAST-Net Plus is funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement 311806
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