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CAAST-Net Plus Meets with Tech Transfer Officers

CAAST-Net Plus Meets with Tech Transfer Officers

CAAST-Net Plus Meets with Tech Transfer Officers

CAAST-Net Plus recently held a workshop with tech-transfer officers, focusing on their potential role in the knowledge management and communication system (KMCS) for the Africa-EU research and innovation (R&I) partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA). [Image credit: CAAST-Net Plus]

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Held on 22 May 2017 at the occasion of the SARIMA annual conference in Namibia, the Challenges and Best Practices in Commercialising Research Results workshop was organised in collaboration with the Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa (RINEA) project. While the first half of the workshop (led by RINEA) sought to uncover the challenges and good practices for establishing a tech-transfer office in Europe and Africa, the CAAST-Net Plus session aimed to gather inputs on the KMCS from the perspective of tech-transfer offices, and ultimately, deliberate on how tech-transfer officers in Europe and Africa can respond to the objectives enlisted in EU-Africa R&I Roadmap on FNSSA.

Tech-transfer officers from universities and research centres proposed that they could play the following roles within the KMCS Initiative:

  • Advising on the management of intellectual property;
  • Identifying which research outputs can be taken up to address specific challenges; and,
  • Identifying research that is commercially viable.

In summary, the discussions confirmed that tech-transfer officers do indeed have a crucial role to play in the establishment of the KMCS Initiative. Furthermore, the communication strategy for the KMCS Initiative should extend to offices of technology transfer to ensure that they align their FNSSA-related work with developments in Africa-EU FNSSA research.


As part of the consultations towards the KMCS Blueprint, participants were invited to complete the KMCS questionnaire. Over and above the consultations held with researchers, farmers, policymakers, business representatives, and other stakeholders, CAAST-Net Plus will be having further consultations on the KMCS in order to provide clear advice to the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue Bureau on Science, Technology and Innovation, on the necessary steps to take in establishing an inclusive KMCS portal for the EU-Africa R&I FNSSA partnership.

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See workshop announcement.

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