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CAAST-Net Plus Workshops on Climate Change, Research Infrastructures

CAAST-Net Plus Workshops on Climate Change, Research Infrastructures

CAAST-Net Plus Workshops on Climate Change, Research Infrastructures

CAAST-Net Plus partners and stakeholders participated in two workshops on EU-Africa research and innovation cooperation in climate change and research infrastructures. The discussions took place at the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, between 24 and 27 June 2013. [Image credit: KA Parkes]

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Mutual Understanding, Reinforced Links

Both workshops (scroll for talking points and presentations) were arranged to complement the current action plan of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy's eighth partnership (JAES P8), which is focused on science, information society, and space. 

“A strong positive relationship to the EC and AUC policy making bodies as well as to the JAES P8 governance structures is vital for optimal project outcomes and the week in Addis served our purpose well as we came away with much better mutual understanding and reinforced links,” said CAAST-Net Plus project coordinator, Dr Andrew Cherry.  

“CAAST-Net Plus exists to reinforce and support the bi-regional STI cooperation relationship between Africa and Europe. That our first annual meeting and two workshops were held at the seat of the African Union Commission, and moreover were held back to back with meetings of the governance structures of JAES P8 is indeed auspicious,” he said. 

[Image credit: *Research Africa/CAAST-Net Plus]

Africa region coordinator for CAAST-Net Plus, Dr Eric Mwangi, said that the events “had an added value in that it enabled the CAAST-Net Plus project partners to participate in the JEG8 dialogue for the first time.”

“Another key outcome was an increased awareness among the participants (as well as the EU and AU) about the potential areas of EU-AU cooperation on RIs,” he said.

Outcomes from the climate change meeting have been presented in brief to the bureau of the High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (HLPD), ahead of its meeting in November 2013.

A paper in preparation will be submitted to the EC shortly, and offered to the HLPD as part of suggestions for focal areas in a new bi-regional research and innovation cooperation roadmap, according to Cherry. 

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*This short film about CAAST-Net Plus was produced on location in Ethiopia during these meetings.  

Climate Change Workshop (25, 26 June 2013)

The Climate Change Workshop explored future EU-Africa research and innovation cooperation in climate change, food security, and water.

Talking Points

  • Impact of climate trends on African agricultural, water, and food systems  
  • Issues and gaps in knowledge about the hydrological cycle
  • Climate smart agriculture and Green Economic Growth
  • Role of public-private partnerships in funding joint research
  • Hydraulic infrastructures, land, and water management
  • Uptake of research to inform policy making and stimulate technological investment.

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Topics and Presenters

25 June 2013:

26 June 2013:

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Research Infrastructures Workshop (26, 27 June 2013)

The Research Infrastructures Workshop addressed the role of research infrastructures (RI) within bi-regional cooperation. Discussions followed on from a CAAST-Net stakeholder conference held in Accra, Ghana, in December 2012.

Talking Points

  • PAERIP/CAAST-Net report on role of RI in Africa-EU cooperation
  • AU plans for research and innovation
  • EU approaches to RI within Horizon 2020
  • Role of RIs within health, food security, water, IT and space research.

Topics and Presenters

26 June 2013:

27 June 2013:

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CAAST-Net Plus is funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement 311806
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