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ME - Ministry of Education, Cape Verde

Ministry of Education, Cape Verde


ME - Ministry of Education, Cape Verde

Ministério da Educação

ME has as its mission to promote new dynamics that contribute to social and economic growth in Cape Verde. This can be achieved by raising the quality of higher education to above international standards, developing a system for scientific research to address internal needs, and appropriating scientific knowledge through innovations in the national development process.


  • Develop and coordinate policies for the capacity building of Cape-verdeans based on higher level educational training;
  • Design, implement and promote policies for the development of science and technology;
  • Promote the application of science and technology as a source of innovation in productive, educational, administrative and other processes.


Palácio do Governo Várzea Cidade da Praia Ilha de Santiago
Cidade de Praia
Cape Verde

Contact Details

Phone: (+238) 261 05 10
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