Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation
Between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation

Centre for Social Innovation


ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation

Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH

Department: Research Policy & Development

ZSI is an independent scientific institution which deploys socio-scientific research, education, advisory and networking services. Its department for R&D pools experts for scholarly methods to gather scientific inputs for evidence-based policy and well experienced project managers in the field of international STI cooperation.

The organisation’s expertise includes the implementation of FP7 projects and related analysis. A core competence is the development of knowledge about RI and its communication towards the political and public sphere and its operationalization in FP7 INCO projects. Having been involved in the realization of projects on the interface between research and application since FP4, ZSI benefits from its current involvement in various INCO projects in many regions of the world.

This expertise will support the implementation of the CAAST-Net Plus analysis and communication activities. As contributor to the evidence-base for the policy dialogue, quantitative and qualitative methods will be used to assess existing cooperation patterns in terms of thematic foci, scope, trends, barriers and network developments.

Based upon a stakeholder mapping in the field of science and innovation, participatory approaches will be implemented not only to gain insights into cooperation incentives, barriers and information bottlenecks, but also to raise awareness for the FP’s cooperation opportunities among best scientists and innovation actors.

Building upon its expertise in different interactive, web-based networks and tools, and backed up with experiences in the field of monitoring and evaluation, ZSI will screen and get involved in possibilities for science and innovation cooperation between the target regions.

The capability of developing and implementing strategic communication instruments and procedures qualifies ZSI for being the co-leader for Work Package 6 (WP6): as such, the organisation will be responsible not only for the dissemination of information, but much more for reaching out actively to STI stakeholders on different levels and foster their awareness of and involvement in an interactive dialogue within the frame of CAAST-Net Plus.


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CAAST-Net Plus is funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement 311806
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