Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation
Between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

DST - Department of Science and Technology

Department of Science and Technology


DST - Department of Science and Technology

The department funds basic research at universities and public entities, including science councils


To create a prosperous society that derives enduring and equitable benefits from science and technology.


To develop, coordinate and manage a national system of innovation that will bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life.


  • Professionalism
    An employee must strive to deliver top-class quality products and services, seek innovative ways to solve problems and enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Competence
    An employee must be faithful and honest in the execution of her or his duties and must be committed through timely service towards the development and upliftment of all South Africans.

  • Integrity
    An employee must be responsible and accountable in dealing with public funds, property and other resources.

  • Transparency
    An employee must promote transparent administration and recognise the right of access to information excluding information that is specifically protected by law.


DST Building No. 53 Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria Private Bag X894
South Africa

Contact Details

Phone: +27 12 843 6300
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